Meeting point and going up

Usually, we meet at our office or in meeting place before the agreed location and going to the take off site (flight location) . Or on the landing place of flying site where we flying that day.And going up together by car, depending on the flight location. So you get to know your pilot a bit, and you have time to get all your questions answered.  


Filling in the flight ticket / risk instructions

It is necessary to fill out and sign a flight ticket with our terms and conditions prior to the flight. The briefing on the risks of flight and possible situations and procedures.



With a short briefing before we start, we explain everything obouth flying that you need to now for a safe procedure. Tell us if you have any health problems or motion limitations so that we can prepare for that.



With only a few steps running, we are lifted gently off the ground. Important is to run until we are in the air. Some people like to sit to early – in this case it’s double as hard for the pilot.



From the moment of taking-off, you sit as the passenger in the harness, as comfortably as in your armchair and, of course, in the “front-row” seat. You enjoy a stunning view, you can relax your mind and you have the time to take in the sensational impressions. And if you seek the extra thrill, we have the right thing for you: If you are willing to try, we do special turns and stunt flying that expose you to such centrifugal forces as in a high-class rollercoaster.



For you as the passenger, landing is a piece of cake – you must only stretch your legs, and – hey – we land smoothly and sitting.



Equipment & materials

The material has to meet our high demands, so we use only EQUIPMENT of the best producers. Setting a limit of maximum 3 years in use, we set the benchmark well above the legal requirements.



Another important safety criterion that requires a great deal of experience, is the WEATHER. Needless to say, we fly only when conditions are absolutely safe, avoiding any risk. This involves that we might cancel flights on an allegedly fine day of sun, but we always land safely and enjoy our flights.



The take-off location Description of flight * The price **
 includes transportation
Zagreb – take-off location – Zagreb
Lisca mountain (Slovenia)
Ivančica  mountain  (Croatia) flying when                                                       blowing north wind
THERMAL FLIGHTS  (15-30 min) 109
Krvavec mountain (Slovenia)
Tribalj mountain (near the sea -city Crikvenica) (Croatia)
Bjelopolje mountain (Croatia)
THERMAL FLIGHTS (15-30 min) 119
Tolmin mountain (Slovenia) PARAGLIDING TANDEM DESCENT (7-15 min) 119
THERMAL FLIGHTS (15-30 min) 129
** Price varies depending on our transportation expenses as distance from Zagreb to the take-off-location,ride  up mountain, down mountain, delivery and using of paragliding eqiupment